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Frequently asked questions

1. Do you offer airport pickup?


    Yes, for the cost of the driver and fuel, we pickup at San Antonio airport, and Carrizo springs airport.



2. Can I spend the night at the lodge?


    Yes, our packages include lodging, three home cooked meals and access to all of our amenitities.




3. What methods of hunting do you provide?


    We have ground blinds, deer blinds, spot/stalk.




4. Is a license required?


    Yes, hunter/guest are responsible for obtaining all license and permits, prior to arrival.




5. What weapons do you allow?


    We allow any legal type of firearm or bow.




6. What are your seasons to hunt?


    Exotics and hogs are year round, for all other native species refer to Texas Parks and Wildlife.





7. What if I do not harvest an animal ?


    You would pay for the cost of the hunt with no additional trophy fees.




8. Are kids allowed?


    Yes, we encourage you to bring your children to participate. We always stress safety, hunting ethics, and protection         of our natural resources. Their is nothing like involving the family in your favorite sport. We do charge a 150.00 fee for     all non hunting guest per day.




9. How big is the area we will be hunting?


      We have 15,000 acres of low and high fenced hunting area , the smallest parcel is 700 acres, the terrain goes from

      typical south Texas brush to improved grass fields and irrigated farm lands.




10. Who cleans the game I shoot?


      Our staff will help clean,skin, and quarter your game to assist you.




11. What if i wound an animal?


      All wounded animals shall be considered harvested animals and shall bare the burden of trophy fees.

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