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Thompson Lake

Fishing lake, at Thompson Hunting Lodge

 Come see our beautiful man made lake at Thompson hunting lodge. We have a newly constructed pier, that will give you a better view of the lake. We currently have plans to stock the lake with fish. We will keep you updated, and let you know when we have stocked the lake. For future updates you can come to this page, as it will have the most up to date information regarding fishing. For now, we hope you will relax on the benches of the pier, and enjoy the view of the south Texas Brush country.


 We do have plenty of other fishing areas on the property. If you are interested in fishing let us know, and we can reccomend a great spot where the fish are biting. For the location of our other fishing spots, ask your hunting guide. Don't forget we also have some of the best hog hunting, deer hunting, and exotic hunting in south Texas.

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