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Shooting Range at Thompson Lodge

 Need to hone your skills? Whether your hog hunting, deer hunting, or exotic hunting game it never hurts to get in a little practice. Here at Thompson hunting lodge, we provide access to the shooting range for all of our guest. We, do require that all of our guest, visit the range, to sight in their firearms before they go hunting in the field. As always, safety is very important to us, always be aware of your surroundings and everyone that is around you. We want to make sure you get home to your family in one piece!

Target practice at Thompson hunting lodge, hog hunting, deer hunting
two brothers practicing at the shooting range
target practice at the range you go girl
Video of explosive target practice
Video of Target practice at the Shooting range
video of  high caliber target practice
Safety is important at Thompson hunting lodge, hog hunting, deer hunting, and exotics.
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