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Dove, Turkey, and Exotic hunting, South Texas Style

Exotic Hunting

 Texas has the largest number of exotics available to hunt in the United States. We personally have over 20 species, of exotics roaming our vast property.  Axis deer, Corsican rams, Sika deer, Rambouillet sheep, Aoudad Sheep,Red stags, and Blackbuck antelope are just a sample of the variety of exotic species we provide at Thompson Hunting Lodge.  The wild, South, Texas terrain on our land provides the perfect habitat for exotic species.  This, combined with expert guides, makes for the ultimate in Texas exotic hunting experience.

If exotic hunting is your passion, then Thompson Hunting Lodge is the place for you. We offer amazing year around, fully guided, exotic hunting on a variety of different exotic and rare exotic species. Did you know? That some species of exotic game; are more heavily populated in Texas, than in the countries which they come from?


 The land at Thompson Hunting Lodge, is some of the best land in south Texas, and it all privately owned, and stocked by us. You won't find, a more affordable, and convenient way of hunting for exotic species. You don't need to travel, around the world to harvest your exotic Trophies. We have every exotic species you need available right here in Texas. We can set up a customized hunting package, that would include most exotics from all over the world. You can see a list of our current exotics on our species page. If you don't see the exotic your looking for; give us a call and our guides with over 30 years of experience will be glad to assist you in getting that exotic your looking for.

Dove Hunting

 Texas has the largest number of doves available to hunt in the United States. It is estimated that Texas has a population of 160 million mourning doves. Their is seven different species of mourning doves, but only five of them are legal to hunt. Doves are migratory, it is not uncommon to see them, move around constantly. You might see a field full of them one day, and then the next it will be completely empty. The good news is, that South Texas is the hot spot for winter dove hunting. We see a lot of dove here in brush Country, where mesquite, hackberry, and live oaks provide roosts, and our pastures and fields, offer a huge array of seeds.  What it all amounts to is that this is a really great place to hunt doves.


 We have some really good dove, spots on our property. We have plenty of water holes, improved grass fields, and nesting areas. Our guides, can take you to the best spots, and get you right in the flight path of our doves. We don't guarantee that you will hit your limit while hunting with us, but our guides do a lot of scouting. They spend a lot of time out hunting, and they are on the property a lot. We have a pretty good idea of what we have available, and we know you will be happy dove hunting here. You can find more information on our dove hunts, in our blog.

Turkey Hunting

Turkeys, are an extremely difficult animal to hunt, they have excellent senses; and are very adept at avoiding threats. Did you know? They have the best eyesight of any game animal in Texas. Couple that with the unrivaled ability to sense motion; and the ability to move at speeds, ranging from 25 mph to 55 mph! If they had a sense of smell, they would be virtually impossible to hunt. Given all of these things, you can see why they are such a popular species to hunt!


 The essentials of Turkey hunting. The first thing you should know is that turkey like to hide from the sun. So, naturally the best place to find them is in rock formations, wooded areas, and of course in the abundant south Texas brush. Camoflauge is reccomended, this will aid you in hiding from the turkeys keen eyesight; any change in his surrounding could alert him to your presence.


 So you have your gear... and your weapon... and your ready to go! Lets discuss a couple different types of hunting methods. The first one is the stalk method. This is done by hiding behind bushes, and slowly and carefully following the turkey. When you reach the closing distance, you can take aim and hopefully, harvest your turkey!


 The other type of hunting is the "turkey call". This is achieved by faking, the universal sounds that turkeys make to communicate with each other. Their is many different types of turkey calls that you can use. Which one you will use should depend on the situation, and your preference as to what type of call you like. One of the easiest to learn is the box call, which consists of two pieces of wood, a coffin shaped chamber; and a paddle  esque lid. The two pieces can be held together by a screw at one end. Coat your surfaces with a chalk or rosin. That should allow you to use the playing surfaces to produce a consistent sound.


 We have an expansive amount of property, with many different types of terrain. It provides great habitat for turkey, and a great hunting experience for you! We don't know the exact amount of turkey that we have, but rest assured we have plenty of them for you to hunt. In addition our guides are very knowledgeable, they have 30 years experience between them; and they know the property very well. Come book a hunt today, and experience a well organized, fun and rewarding hunt.

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